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Pan-Cis® is a new ICT company in the market of Information Brokering, providing:
· Consulting
· Design and Implementation
· Maintenance and Support in the field of IT Business Communication
· Business Consulting
· Human Resource Management
· Project Management
· Interim Management

The company profiles itself as a supplier, with the capacity to streamline, structure, implement and support the clients business' data communication, between the various applied business-ware systems. Business-ware systems are software applications used to support a company's business, like: supply chain management, financing, customer relation management, general ledger, planning, logistics, manufacturing, management reporting, etc., etc.

The Perspective

Pan-Cis® offers consulting in the areas:
· Information Brokering
· Service Levels
· IT Business
· Human Resource Employment

Information Brokering:
Pan-Cis® is an active player in designing and building solutions to facilitate Information Brokering (IB) in the IT services market.
Pan-Cis® can glory in 15 years of technical experience in this field. If and when appropriate Pan-Cis® will expand its scope to maintain and support the implemented IB solutions.

Human Resource Management:
Human Resource is one of company's main assets. Some of Pan-Cis' activities in the area of Human Resource Management are: Reduce employee's sickness, conflict handling, activate and stimulate strategies regarding personnel appointment, ranking, and general advice, counsel and deal with notice matters. 15 years of experience enable Pan-Cis® to offer these services.

Managerial Services:
Based on 15 years experience in large IT companies Pan-Cis® offers various managerial services. Some of them are:

· Project Management
· Transition Management
· Crisis Management
· Human Resource Management
· Interim Management

The Audience

Depending on the services rendered Pan-Cis® aims at different audience.

Consulting, Implementation and Managerial Services are offered to all companies, in principle independent of geographies.

Maintenance and support is more or less restricted to the Benelux and adjacent countries. It is provided to companies positioned in the range mid-range to large.

The Company

Name: Pan-Cis B.V.
Address: Post Office 1066
5602 BB Eindhoven
Telephone: +31 (0)40 256 80 40
Fax: +31 (0)40 256 80 44

Chamber of Commerce: KvK 171 33 516
E-Mail: mail@pan-cis.nl

The name Pan-Cis® is derived from the Greek and Latin languages. The Greek word "Pan" means "The other side"; The Latin word "Cis" means "This site". The name metaphorically expresses the core business of the company: "Connecting different parties/sites, to enable business/data communication, independent of used (business/application) languages".


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